Friday, June 21, 2013

Putting a warlord in power takes time!

I have been working on AK-47, modern africa 15mm miniatures for a bit (years).  I have finished a mixed group of 15mm militia.  25 stands at 4 per stand turned out to be a fairly large job.  I have a mix of Peter Pig, Khurasan Miniatures, Rebel Minis, and a 2 Old Glory (Leader with machete and RPK on the same stand).

I painted them on stirring sticks attached with some blue/sticky tack.

Check out the shoes on these fellas!

After painting was finished it was time to base them.  I used Liquitex resin sand with paint added into the mix over Battlefront medium size bases.  I want the militia quality troops to be visible based on 4 miniatures per base, the regulars will have 3 per stand, and the elites will be 2 per stand.

I did score the bases, not sure if it was necessary.

Ready for the resin sand.

I used a color scheme I got from the Baron at  These lads are so dark that I went with high contrast basing, attempting to make the 15mm figs stand out.

The long, tedious process ...

And the final finished product.  I used Siflor Buffalo Grass Tufts to finish out the basing.  I sealed them with Krylon Matte and Testors Dullcote

Free elections this way!

I attempted to make the militia look dressed in a mix of fatigues and random civilian clothes.  Note the jersey, trucker hats, etc.

A John Deere hat here, must have been a donation from a church group.

The guy in the shades is on a walkie or a huge phone.

And here is a final group shot.

I am going to take pictures of the technicals I have been working on along with the boy soldiers and post them next week.  I am currently working on the elites.


  1. Fan-fucking-tastic. Looks great. And I like the blog layout, colors and photogs. Nice job Jay. Wish I could play with them on th first test.

  2. Well, first look-in and I'm very impressed- lots of beautifully painted figures and vehicles Jay, congratulations. Consider yourself bookmarked!