Wednesday, June 26, 2013

War Chariots! 15mm Peter Pig Technicals

Here are six 15mm Peter Pig Toyota Pickups miniatures for use in modern Africa games.  The Peter Pig gunners only come in 3 poses and 2 of 3 are firing a .30 caliber machine gun.  I did not find any pictures of technicals with mounted .30s, so it seems strange that Peter Pig even made them.  To fix the problem I mounted some Battlefront (Vietnam) .50 caliber machine guns and a Battlefront (Flame of War) Russian DShk.

According to Wikipedia, an African warlord's power could be measured on how many technicals he had in his "army".  Six seems like a 1st level warlord, but I hope to paint some more in the future.  He might then be a respectable warlord.

They do seem to be mostly Toyota Pickups in the Google images.

Here is a scale comparison.

Here is the complete Peter Pig gunner with the .50.

This the a Peter Pig gunner that I cut the .30 cal off and added the .50 cal.

The Russian DShk.

And last a group shot with some infantry.  I do hope to get some pictures of them in a game this month.  I am working on some professionals/elites right now.


  1. These are incredibly well done!

  2. Those are indeed excellent. The weathering is really really good. Do you plan to base them?

  3. Thank you, I am glad you like the trucks. I would like to base them in the future, but my group has mixed views on basing vehicles.

  4. great job Jay. Look great with the infantry.

  5. Jeez these are nice - proper aging and weathering at work here!
    Need to buck my ideas up, best wishes