Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I love the smell of napalm in the morning ... 15mm Aérospatiale LAMA Heliopter

I finished this helicopter to use in my Modern Africa games.  Now it is an Aérospatiale Alouette II Heller Kit, but I wanted some guns or rockets on it, so I added the rocket pods.  The HAL Lancer is a variant on the Aérospatiale LAMA, so that was what I attempted to build.

Here is the kit.

Here is the actual helicopter.

I will say that it is very light, which is nice in building a flight stand.  The problem is that it is a model, which means fragile, not to be touched, etc.  I broke it in three places, just attempting to paint it.  I ended up having to magnetize the blades after I broke them off.

Here is the finished kit.  I should have left the cockpit detached to paint on its own, but this was a bit of a learning process for me.

Size comparison.

The flight stand, a little over nine inches of acrylic rod in a wine cork, glued to a washer.

Here is the finished product.

A detailed shot of the base.  It has 2 large washeres for weight under the cork.

Blue background with some infantry.

Landed, with some mercenaries.

Here it is broken down into its components.

Here is the African Gruntz card.  We will see how the stats work out.


  1. Can't wait to shoot it down. It's so pretty, it will never last on the table.

    1. It might not last in the box, while in transit to your house. The model is super flimsy.

  2. That looks great Jay. I really like the basing. Nice way to do that. Makes me want to paint up my 1/48 models for 28mm Vietnam.