Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Keep on Truckin ... 15mm Truck with ZPU-1 & DShK

I finished up a 15mm flatbed truck.  I think it is a 2.5 ton Old Glory miniature with a Peter Pig ZPU-1 team, and a Battlefront DShK.  I added caps to the crew so they fit in with the Peter Pig Hardened Militia that I have already painted.  I also added the DShK and made a few extra boxes of ammo for the ZPU-1.

Here is what I was attempting to create.

Here are the finished conversions.

Here is the truck without weathering.  I primed black, airbrushed a base coat of brown, built up the desert look.  Here are the paints I used.

Here is the weathered look.

Here is the final product.

  Working on a helicopter, and I still need to get a post with the professionals.

Here is the Gruntz Africa card.


  1. Your weathering skills are enviable. This is a great project!

  2. Good job, nicely done...I like the mix. 5 stars from me.